Charities seeking yarn crafters

There are a whole host of charities and other organisations seeking the help of crafters who knit, crochet and more besides. Many are also in need of donations of craft materials, tools and money to enable them to continue what they do. Below are details of a few such charities who would be very grateful for your donations of time, money and materials.

aHug – beautiful comforter scarves for cancer patients

aHug is a UK based charity seeking both knitters to donate their time and skills and financial donors to enable them to deliver knitted hugs to cancer patients.

Read more about aHug here.

If you’re interested in getting involved visit where you can become a volunteer knitter/crocheter or make a monetary donation to keep the charity going and stocked up on wool.

Knit-for-Nowt – help vulnerable children by knitting Worry Monsters and hand puppets

Knit-for-Nowt is a non-profit organisation which appeals to knitters for handmade “Worry Monsters” and hand puppets which are then donated to therapists across the UK who work with seriously worried children and adolescents.

Read more about Knit-for-Nowt here.

For full details and patterns please go to or contact the organiser, Clare, on

Twiddle Muffs and blankets for North Middlesex patients

North Middlesex University Hospital are hoping to have enough Twiddle Muffs to give one to every patient living with dementia one when they arrive in A&E and which they can then keep during their stay and take home with them.

Read more about Twiddle Muffs here.

If you would like to put your knitting skills to good use to help them create Twiddle Muffs, have spare wool or knitting needles (6mm or larger) to donate you can contact them at /

Woolly Hugs – making special blankets for comfort, love and support

Woolly Hugs is a voluntary group and online community making special blankets to bring comfort, support and love to babies, children and families.

Read more about Woolly Hugs here.

You can find out more about the work Woolly Hugs do and how you can get involved on their website,, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.